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Engineering Design

MEC has the most proficient team of engineers, who fulfills the client’s needs to the best possible extent. We use modern technology and tools to solve complex industrial engineering design problems and provide tailor-made solutions. Our experts can assist clients all the way from concept development to detailed engineering, construction, commissioning, operations, and maintenance. Our business practices are enabled by standardization, which helps engineers to provide customized, qualitative, simplified, and affordable design solutions. With decades of experience and expertise, we have successfully delivered complex engineering design projects within the assigned budget. With digitized tools, we are exploring various design parameters to engage more deeply with stakeholders.

Operations and Maintenance

MEC aims at optimizing operational performance and proactive maintenance for the long-term success of every project. Our flexible and expert teams, procedures, and programs are highly competent to maintain plant infrastructure and enhance plant operation to meet the fluctuating demand.

Technical Safety Consultancy

Muscat Engineering Consultancy LLC offers a full range of consultation services in Technical and Process Safety. MEC provides facilitation for HAZID, Bow Tie, Design Review, HAZOP, SAFOP, SIL Classification, ALARP and provides consultancy in Flare Radiation & Dispersion analysis, HSE Audits, TSE Gap Assessments, etc.

Fire Consultancy

Muscat Engineering Consultancy LLC offers consultancy in Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Hazard Analysis, Fire and Gas Detection Philosophy, Fire Water Network Performance, Fire & Explosion Analysis, Loss Prevention, Safety Case update, Safety Critical Element identification and performance standard preparation, Escape, Egress, Evacuation and Rescue Assessment, Essential/ Emergency Systems Survivability Assessment, Safety equipment selection and specification, Temporary Refuge Impairment Analysis, HFE Screening and Identification.

Environmental Studies and Sustainability related Consultancy

Muscat Engineering Consultancy LLC offers Environmental Impact Assessments, ESIA, Soil, Water, Air and Noise Investigations, Baseline & Modelling Studies Green House Gas and Energy Efficiency Reporting, Environmental, Waste & Chemical Management Plan, Sustainability SISCAN & Lifecycle Analysis, Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

Project Management

Our in-house experts offer a comprehensive suite of project management services aligning from concept to commissioning for all kinds of projects. However, high-end technology and a giant workforce of technical experts have helped us to deliver superior solutions maximizing clients’ investment and profit. Considering the highest standard of quality assurance, we manage projects within a determined budget and deliver them on time.
Our ability to work closely with all stakeholders and co-creating values in every project helps us to deliver client-centric results. We design processes to facilitate unique ideas and jointly produce a valuable outcome.

Procurement Management

We help enterprises develop sourcing strategies for a sustainable future. MEC closely collaborates with clients’ teams to recognize and realize savings within total spend categories and procurement levers. We build organizational capabilities so companies can preserve those gains over the long term. Our calculated procurement planning enables clients to map an effective route to saving, following in-depth multi-functional alignment and a determined focus on the overall business approach. With proven strategies for optimizing value, MEC creates an effortless procurement process. Our procurement services comprise of optimizing material and procedures, negotiating to reduce cost, amplifying tax benefits, and helping companies to maintain productivity and competency.

Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning support

MEC commissioning engineers establish a systematic process to validate, test, and monitor operations of installed equipment or system. Skilled engineers provide a complete assessment of commissioning status, progress forecast, and planned task.

Construction Management

MEC specializes in delivering best-in-class construction management for all types of manufacturing facilities as we have integrated experience in design and engineering. Experienced engineers and construction managers ensure quality and cost reduction with minimum risk. We conduct 3D Model and Constructability Reviews.

Asset Integrity

Our Asset Integrity services efficiently conserve the production capability and maintain the asset standard. It helps to prevent unplanned downtime and eliminate environmental incidents. Clients can create effective plans, focusing on assets at higher risks. It will also assist clients to perform a prompt evaluation of the potential risk and its severity. We provide Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Studies, Risk Assessment, Constructability Review, RBI and RCM.

IM Activities

Our SAP Plant Maintenance support team assists companies in enhancing schedule performance. It enables us to provide connected distribution chains and reduce labor costs while improving overall operations quality with automation. Our SAP experts identify and give priority to critical issues. They optimize enterprise-wide visibility across distribution chain, production, and inventory. By interlinking the project stakeholder team, members can share the most recent information in real-time during project execution.

Risk Management

MEC has expertise for identifying, monitoring, and managing potential risks in a project so as to minimize the negative impact it may have during execution and operation. Our expertise is in the fields of PEER Review, Process Control Review, Layer of protection analysis (LOPA), SIMOPS and Quantitative Risk Assessment.