MEC houses expertise from initial project strategy to execution, helps clients to optimize business performance and accelerate transformation. To ensure data privacy an ISO-Certification is always a good idea. It also guarantees that the Engineering services we deliver are absolute. Service quality being too close to our values, MEC makes sure that each service delivered are quality checked. Muscat Engineering Consultancy LLC specializes in conducting feasibility study and concept study along with detailed engineering services. Additionally, MEC bags legal approval by Environment Authorities for all environment related consultations, studies, reports, and approvals and experienced in delivering excellence.



MEC houses a knowledgeable team of Engineers supported with Disciplined Managers holding vast experience in developing concept in association with client’s engineering team and support from vendors if required. This type of working style brings ideas together on one table in order to select the best solution for execution. MEC also has the competency in Feasibility Study and Cost estimation. These activities help client to decide GO / NOGO from their higher Management.The product of this phase is Basis for Design (BFD). Basis of design or project design provides all the principles, business expectations, criteria, considerations, rationale, special requirements, and assumptions critical for decision making and calculations. MEC has executed noteworthy Basis of Design for multiple clients across sectors.


Process Simulation

Process simulation is used by MEC as a tool that avoids the most repetitive, routine and heavy tasks and is a model-based representation of chemical, physical, biological, and other technical processes and unit operations in software. MEC has experienced engineers in modern process simulation packages (Hysys, Aspen and others)


Basic Design

The basic design package prepared by MEC shall be sufficiently comprehensive to allow a third-party Contractor to carry out the detailed design engineering, procurement/supply of equipment and shall comprise of technical data and information as required. Solutionizing design challenges like architectural engineering, mechanical design and much more.



FEED phase is where the project designs will be conceptualised, developed and finalized and then MEC, your engineering support company executes it after completion of a robust Feasibility Study. The client’s and project specific requirements will be captured in the FEED Package, in order to avoid significant change during the execution Phase. This shall be a well-defined design package to prove the feasibility and cost estimates for the given project.


Detailed Designing

Design thinking and development will be executed with the purpose to build the facilities. Preparation of engineering deliverables including Engineering management and QC & QA will be done in accordance with the applicable work procedures for the contract. MEC has executed multiple Detail Design projects from small projects to major gathering stations.


Field Engineering

MEC’s Civil Engineerings backed with knowledge and expertise skills not only develop the procedures, operating manuals, maintenance craft procedures and allied documents for engineering and construction activities but also proudly assist the team during pre-commissioning as well as during commissioning.


Technology solutions

Helping us select the most apt and profitable technology for a respective project we dig deep into the resources available, site conditions, design tech and other vital factors. An experienced team of engineers and resource allocation specialists at MEC can assists its clients assess multiple feasible options and choose the most productive, suitable, sustainable technology for their engineering projects.


Corrosion, Material Science and engineering

MEC provides Advisory services in the following areas-

  • Materials Selection and Evaluation
  • Corrosion Risk Assessments (Specialized studies for identification of corrosion mechanisms, assessment of risk due to corrosion damage and implementation of remedial measures to control / mitigate such risks)
  • Materials Integrity Assessments (MIA)
  • Corrosion Management Manuals (CMM)
  • Paintings/Coatings Specifications/Procedures
  • Chemical Treatments and Monitoring Studies
  • Independent Competent Person advisory and peer reviews
  • Materials Qualifications, Quality Assurance & Audits
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    Cross Country Pipeline

    MEC is a well qualified company in Engineering and Large Bore designing global pipelines for transport of energy products, petroleum, and natural gas. MEC has successfully designed and implemented gathering systems, crude oil pipeline systems, refined products pipelines systems, transmission systems as well as distribution systems for the above variants of cross-country pipeline projects. Additionally, MEC has competencies to provide engineering support to Operating companies for in-service replacement of pipelines and valves by upto date methodologies. MEC is experienced in Pipeline design from Concept, FEED to Design engineering of pipelines including Urban Planning for field developments. MEC backs years of experience in designing of Pipeline for traversing through challenging pipeline terrains such as Sabkha and heavy undulating mountainous area. With efficient risk management and feasibility study we deliver sheer excellence in the engineering domain.


    Troubleshooting & Debottlenecking

    MEC supports clients in brownfield projects having low CAPEX while utilizing existing Oil and Gas assets through processing effective troubleshooting and diminishing debottlenecking. Debottlenecking of existing flare system becomes inevitable for facilities up-gradation and MEC has executed multiple projects for the same. MEC utilizes dynamic simulation approach which is the most trending method that provides significant advantages over orthodox approach in terms of realistic estimation of flare capacity and optimal use of existing plant assets.


    Modeling and simulation

    MEC is a pioneer at Engineering in Oman, leveraging Multi-dimensional Digital Modeling and Engineering Technologies. Delivering supreme quality engineering services and improved visualization of the project throughout the phases of engineering, fabrication, construction, commissioning and optimize operations and maintenance over the project tenure. Boosting identification of potential spatial / temporal project challenges and evaluation of cost by designing strategic cash flow models.Offering state of art project management and control strategies that are relatively flexible in nature. Be rest assured our group of experienced Engineers and Designers deliver flawless engineering solutions with 3D Building Information modeling (BIM) using latest technology E3D (PDMS) and S3D (SP3D, PDS) applications.


    Project Management

    Our Project Management team can deliver varied solutions from small field change proposals to multimillion dollar projects in a cost-effective and a timely manner within stipulated pre-decided business budgets. Expert knowledge of the EPC contractors supports us not only in delivering the projects in time but also with optimum efficiency. MEC has displayed expertise in scheduling and controls, end-to-end project management, commercial management, cost management and construction engineering planning. Additionally, MEC also can provide you with a knowledgeable project management team that operate as client engineers and independent reviewers of contractor deliverables to ensure the right quality and timely delivery.


    Construction Management

    Phase wise project implementation makes our construction management team demonstrate timely and successful projects. Supervision and sustainable development goals in project delivery is our core progressive measure. Furthermore, our construction management team possess in depth market sector knowledge giving them an edge above the rest.


    Supply Chain Management

    MEC has processes and systems in place to deliver construction materials to site at the most opportune time. MEC ensures that the procurement process is seamless without any disruptions while at the most optimum cost for clients. In Country Value (ICV) mandated by the government is ensured and focus is given to developing sustainable local capabilities and skills for the prosperity of the local community and country.


    Asset and Integrity Management

    Our Asset management and Integrity Management solutions aim at assessing of residual life of an asset and providing optimum management consulting services for improving operational performance & efficiency, reducing operating costs. MEC provides Advisory Services to Asset Owners on the following elements of their business.

  • Carry out benchmarking and gap analysis, define “As-Is” and “To-Be” states and formulate appropriate strategic roadmap
  • Predictive Maintenance - The key element of asset management lies in increasing asset shelf life while minimizing expenditures that involve downtime and spare parts replacement. It improves product reliability and increases plant efficiency increasing revenue and avoiding unplanned shutdowns.
  • Health Check of Assets : Monitoring of equipment condition, identifying root causes behind malfunctions and determining remedial measures for improvement of asset health.
  • Energy Management & Optimization - Study & analysis of historical and real-time energy consumption data & providing advisory support for improvement of energy performance of assets.
  • Identification and implementation of specific measures to extend useful operating life of assets within the prescribed norms of safety, reliability and environmental protection.
  • Plant Modification, Revamp & Upgrade Services
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Failure Modes Effects Analysis
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • RAM ( Reliability, Availability & Maintainability) Studies
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    Operations and Maintenance

    MEC aims at optimizing operational performance and proactive maintenance for the long-term success of every project they undertake. Our team USP’s being flexible and sharing expert driven insights, robust procedures, and efficient program management put together enhances plant infrastructure and boosts plant operations alongside fluctuating demands. Backed with expert knowledge grasped from previous projects helps us in our integrated approach to maintain client plant operations allowing plant Operations And Maintenance in not only a safer but also in a hygienic environment for the long run.


    SAP Activities

    SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) Module is mainly used for planning, controlling and processing of scheduled maintenance, inspection, corrective and breakdown maintenance and service management to ensure plant operational excellence. MEC SAP team supports the client in automating plant operations by prepares soft copies of the database, containing the complete asset registry (based on client approved templates) for all equipments installed under a particular project, ready to be uploaded into SAP system of the client. Automate plant operations with MEC’s efficient SAP Plant Maintenance module. and achieve 100% digital plant management.


    Safety management system

    MEC Technical Safety discipline services comprising of a team of experienced safety professionals that is not only well-accepted but defines activities in a planned, controlled, and quantified manner. Keeping the mind the optimal safety of working personnel at a plant location, customers, suppliers, and subcontractors is our primary objective. We share our expert advice for new projects as well as for existing units and systems subject to expansion, renovation, or revamping. Technical Safety Reviews are known to improve plant operational efficiency and management effectiveness by significantly minimize cost, risk, and ensure boost in performance with timely delivery. The core services we offer to business is providing Technical/ Process Safety Engineering which involves application of Process Safety Philosophies, Concepts and management, Consequence Modelling, Safety Critical Element and Performance Standard Reviews, studies in Hazard Identification (HAZID) and Hazard Analysis (HAZAN), Hazard and Operability (HAZOP), Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) and Zoning, Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), Fire Protection System Design and Installation, Risk Assessment, Functional Safety Studies, Safety Reports and Emergency Response Plans. etc.


    Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade

    MEC has wide range of area of specialization in this segment ranging from Substation design, Overhead line design, Power System & Load Distribution Planning, System Studies and Protection Studies with rich design experience in Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems. We have specialists to undertaken various system studies covering Load Flow,Short Circuit,Stability,Transient analysis,Motor starting studies,Harmonics,Arc Flash,Insulation Coordination,Protection Relay Studies,Overhead Line Design,Load shedding and Root cause analysis.


    Environmental Studies & Environment Sustainability Consulting

    MEC offers the following services in this segment

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Management System
  • Environmental Audits/Environmental Due Diligence
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Technologies & Studies
  • Environmental Site Assessment (Soil Investigation)
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Chemicals Management Plans
  • Air, Water, & Noise Investigations
  • Environmental Baseline Studies
  • Modelling Studies ( Air Dispersion and Noise )
  • Environmental Sustainability Studies
  • Sustainability SISCAN and Lifecycle Analysis
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting (CSR reporting)
  • Cradle to Cradle Consultancy and Certification
  • Benchmarking of intra/international units (comparison of energy performance of similar units/equipment)
  • Independent assessment of Capex projects
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